CubeCell and Sloeber

I’m new with cubecell and i try to get Sloeber work with cubecell.
After installation of sloeber bundle i add the cubecell framework library (0.6) using the json file.
I can choose the cube board bun no chance to compile an example.
How dis you do that?

We was use the Sloeber all the time, but the Sloeber can’t work with CubeCell and cause some strange problems. That’s why we moved to VS Code… but compare with Sloeber, VS Code for Arduino is waste time.

We will try to contract Sloeber team.

what makes sloeber superior to VScode?

  • Code completion function is better;
  • Automatic syntax optimization, such as using pointers * in certain situations, Sloeber will automatically write ->
  • Global tracking, VS Code can only track the source code in the folder, and Sloeber can track all relevant code such as dependent libraries, development environment, etc.
  • Global naming… For example, there is a header file called abc.h, now I need to change it to happy_every_day.h, in Sloeber, I only need to change the name in the files tree, all places in the code that contain #include "abc.h" , Will automatically become #include "happy_every_day.h"

But Sloeber is not very friendly to novices, and also appear some strange problems…

Thank you, i will try VScode as an alternative and still wait for your Sloeber-GreenLight :slight_smile:
Using Arduino IDE is not an option.