CubeCell and Second Serial Port

I have an MLX IR camera and looking at ways to set up a trigger warning should one or more pixels report a temperature level above what has been set.
Using I2C seems not to be an option as the array sent back apparently requires about 20k of ram. The sensor however has its own processor that will send back the data via a setial link.
My thoughts were to read the fist line, do the compare, read the next etc…

However it seems the Software Serial libraries dont seem to work on the CubeCell and by the looks the existing serial is tied to the USB.

Has anyone seen any software serial lib’s that will work with the CubeCell.

There is no software serial library for the CubeCell devices based on the ASR6501

So there is no way to run a second serial port on the CubeCell for communicating to other devices?

I am not aware of it

Yes, you can add SC16IS740 (IC) or buy a breakout board (

Great find
Just bought one and will test

I’have made a PCB with one SC16IS740 to have SDI-12 to read sensor for agriculture (like 5TE from Meter Group -
For simple UART you can try this library (

i will give the library a try when my breakoutboard arrive

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