I have an Input that is not behaving as I’ expect it should.

The use case is that a pin is allocated as an Input with the internal PULLUP, in my case it’s GPIO7, we have an external contact to GND to trigger an interrupt on a falling edge. We also have an external 4K7 pull up resistor on this I/P to make sure the ‘going high’ transitions are faster than we would get with the typical internal PU resistance.

When I measure this GPIO it sits at 1.62V , this suggests there is an internal PULL Down and about the same value as 4K7 that is effectively splitting the 3.3V.

I have checked the PSoC 4 data sheets and it has a whopping 8 pin drive settings. How do I access these ‘other’ modes so I can test this further?

You can directly use pinmode to select these modes.

Which pins on the AB02 support pull-up though?

The pinout diagram for the CubeCell 1/2AA looks like only GPIO15 and GPIO16 do. But those are already being used for Vext and the user button?

EDIT: Obviously I didn’t test it… Seems to work on GPIO5. Cool. Not that using an external resistor is a big deal, but it is even better not having to.