CubeCell AB01 flashed wirh wrong firmware ;-(


I flashed my CubeCell AB01 with a wrong firmware [WASN–>Board–>EU868–>RGB/ON]
The AB01 is registratet, but the link to " Relevant Resource is a dead link Expance is “Not found”
What am i to do? Any support is very helpful

with best regards Nico
[PM also in German]

try this:


Hi JayJay

thx for your quick answer. This is exactly the programm i used. The Problem is, flashing via confirurator as i described, the red LED flashes, but that’ it. If i download my favorit sketch the output in the configurator debug window looks fine except joining and LED blinking [normaly red, yellow, blue…]
My Gateway works fine with another ESP32 but don’t get any notice from the CubeCell.
Is there a way to reset to the old firmware, or do you know a problem with the sender unit?

Am i wrong and the WASN Board firmware is the right one for the CubeCell AB01 and the CS has a technical problem? What the hell…have a drink on me!

Gruss Nico