Cube Cell send to 3 nodes

I try to send from one cube cell to 3 cube cell nodes.How can I select to which cube cell that I like to send. Or can I only send broadcast to all?

The official example is to broadcast to all. You can try to modify the code and send it to the specified node.

yes the broadcast is working. do you have any idea how to change the code to send only to a specified node?

Sorry, I haven’t tried this.

is it possible wih Radio.setSyncWord(XY) in both device?Then only the device with the same SyncWord receive de message?

You will always broadcast to all, in order for a single node to be targeted they will all still need to listen - you would need to encode the target device ID (make up your own schema) within the msg sent I am guessing.

All devices would receive the msg but only only one would then view it as for itself.