Cube Cell HTCC-AB02S 868-915- GPS malfunction

Dear all,

I have the module on the title, and I configure and test using the codes from the exemples,
with lorawan it work fine I was ailing to join the TTN and send data, unlikely with GPS examples there wasn’t chance get any positive results.
Module remain with gps searching all the time, I tried indoor and outdoor with same results.
I configure with GPS_glonass, but nothing. I connect two antenna on top and on the bottom of the module, no results. It seems that not working at ll. I use LoRaWan_OnBoardGPS_Air530 example code. I currently don’t know what config or anything to do.With configAir530 code I receive on the serial monitor some correct info on the position( using GPRMC & GPGGA decoder). My target is to send the correct gps coord. to cayenne my device dashboard (using the example code). Someone can give me a tip or suggestion that not being an expert perhaps I have not considered.


Do you mind post your decoder(.js file)?


This is the decode string, if is that what you mean:


to obtain this info on the serial monitor I use configAir530 example.