Cube Cell HTCC-AB01 not work with LoRa 32...why?

My LoRa32 able talke to each.


And setting BAND to this.

#define BAND 915E6

My Cube Cell HTCC-AB01 able talke to each.
Use this example

#define RF_FREQUENCY 915000000 // Hz

This not working…
HTCC-AB01 as Sender.
LoRa 32 v2 as Receiver.

After doing a lot of research…

Final conclusion is SyncWord not same… why??
Why you try to make different?? Both module is you product.

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When did you buy your WIFI LORA32?

The hardware version of some batches of lora32 has not been upgraded to a version that can communicate with cubecell(lora)

Hi Jason, greetings from Mexico. I just bought a Wireless Stick Lite, I wanted to know if these are compatible and can obviously communicate through Lora with the CubeCell - Dev-Board, to buy one, to communicate between them. Thanks for your answer.


As long as you buy after June this year, the two can communicate.