Cube Cell external wake up to send Lorawan message


I have been trying to use the external wake up example posted by Aaron Lee, to send a OTA or ABP message after adding the LoRaWAN code but could not do it. The cube cell keeps re joining and no message is sent to TTN. Can someone help me to add the LoRaWAN code to the external wake up example? I am also trying to minimize the wake up time to get the best power efficiency.

Hi what gateway are you using? sounds like issue with join respnce from TTN though gateway


I am using heltec HT-M02. I think the issue is in my code. As the gate way is working fine with the LoRaWAN code example provided for the CubeCell. I need help on how to write a code that wakes up the Cube Cell from deep sleep and sends a LoRaWAN message.

Hi I fully understand but to date I have not done that , so have not used the wake from deep sleep by input to a pin . I have used only the timed version of set duty cycle and that has worked well for me . What GPIO are you using so that there are no conflicks with otherr items? I used the code just on its own and used user button gpio7 on board to wake and that worked .


Hi Simon, I used GPIO7 to wake up the cube cell too, but could not manage to send a message by either ABP or OTAA. What did you set the board to do after wake up?