Cube cell - ESP32 LoRa Radiohead issue

I’m building a small network of sensors comunicate each other by LoRa (not LoRaWan). I already have two nodes based on esp32 and rfm95.They are using radioHead library to comunicate. One is a gateway and the other is the sensor. I’m trying to integrate a cube cell on in this network but when i try to send a msg from the cube cell the gateway using the library in the example sketch but the gateway seems not being able to receive the message. The cube cell indeed is able to receive the msg from the ESP32 node sender. How can i solve? Are the two library incompatible? There is some kind of radiohead that can be used on cube cell?
Thanks for your support.

Your question now is, point-to-point is OK, but point-to-many is not?

No, my question is: how can i make a cube cell and an ESP32 +RFM95 comunicate using LoRa (not Lora Wan) even if they use different lora libraries ( LoRaWan_APP.h on cube cell and RadioHead on ESP32)?
On my trials Cube Cell is able to receive the message sent from an ESP32 but the ESP32 can’t receive the message sent from the cube cell. Is it a libraries issue? RFM95 is compatible with the cube cell Lora module? Do you have some tip on a LoRa library available for both the boards?

Hi, we haven’t used the RadioHead library, our company has a library of esp32 + Lora(

It can communicate with our cube cell,here are some notes about their communications: