Cube Cell Dev Board Receive Mode

Hi everybody.

I am working with the Cube Cell htcc-ab01, linked to a Multitech Conduit AEP Gateway. I am trying to set a asynchronous communication, in which I send a frame from gateway (using Node Red) and i want my node to receive it at any time I send the frame from gateway, simuling an alarm sent by gateway. I tried to set it in Class C, and even just linking with Lora Mode (not LORAWAN mode) but it just receives frames when it first sends one, receiving the ACK from gateway and, just before, the scheduled frame from gateway. I dont know if i must implement an arduino code just for this app or i can do it using AT commands, like AT+RX=0. I tried some combinations but didnt work. Any idea is more than welcome.

Thank you very much.

Hi there

Class C is the right choice. But you must make sure three things:

  1. The node must succeed join and send data to gateway at least one time;
  2. The LoRa server must correctly configure to Class C mode;


Well, I registered manually my node in the gateway, so I can join successfully.
Then, I configured Class C for this device.

Finally, where can I choose LORAWAN_UPLINKMODE? I looked in arduino code but this and Arduino Tools bar, but this one is missing.


that option should be in the board options of the arduino IDE

I dont think so. Even in this webpage it says how to be configured that way but then it doesnt appear.


Allright, I just had to update Arduino IDE.