Connecting HTCC-AB02 to Chipstack? (not TTN)

I want to connect AB02 to Chirpstack lorawan server via Dragino Dlos8 gateway. Dragino hooked up. But how will AB02 be connected at this stage? Sending virtual data will also work for me at this stage. We solve the part of seeing the data in the app server. Is there such a sample study that includes Chirpstack? (Or a manual)

What are you having problems with, specifically? I use the Cubecell AB01, AB02 and capsules with Chirpstack and have no problems.

Thanks for the answer. What I want to ask is with which demo program I can connect ab02 to chirpstack and see the results. It is enough that I am reading the real or virtual data from Ab02 in the chirpstack interface.

Every lorawan routine can be used, just match the parameters of DEVEUI to the server side.

If I understand correctly, you are getting data from your HTCC-AB02 into Chirpstack, is that correct? If you can see the resulting data in the Chirpstack web interface, you can also configure the Chirpstack Application Server to integrate with other back ends. For example, I believe the MQTT back-end is configured by default in chirpstack-application-server.toml

Like TTN, you can optionally have Chirpstack decode your payloads for you using a JavaScript codec function. See the “Device Profiles” section, and then define an encode and/or decode function under “Codec”. Of course, you can also have the receiving application do the payload decoding if you wish.

If the local MQTT server is receiving Chirpstack messages, you can use mosquitto_sub to subscribe to the local MQTT broker and see what data is coming in. For example: mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t "application/+/device/+/rx"

There are lots of other application integrations, such as AWS SNS (which I use extensively), InfluxDB, GCP Pub/Sub, etc.

Let me know if you need any pointers.