Connect WiFi LORA 32 V2 with a Gateway HT-M00

I have tried to connect a node based on the HELTEC WiFi LORA 32 V2 board with a HELTEC Gateway HT-M00. All the time it shows me that it fails when trying to join the LORAWAN network.
Attached the images of the captured screens that show the configuration of the Gateway, the parameters programmed in the Lora WiFi 32, and the results of the connection attempts.
Can you help me with this problem?
Thanks in advance!
F Medina

Change the “userChannelsMask” in the code to correspond to the channel of HT-M00.

Hi Shaffer
Thanks for your help

I changed the “userChannelsMArk” to the following

/LoraWan channelsmask, default channels 1 and 2 frequency 902500000 and 902700000/
uint16_t userChannelsMask[6]={ 0x0006,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000 };

In the HT-M00 configuration:
Select for CH0 FREQ(Hz) 902500000

Select for CH1 FREQ(Hz) 902700000

and still no joining result

Any idea of what is the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help

EE F Medina