Connect heltec V2 to dragino lg-02

As the title says, is there a tutorial to connect a heltec node (433MHz) to a dragino LG-02 gateway?
I don’t know where to look for that information.

Thanks in advance!

I’m interested in exactly the same thing. I’ve been emailing with a Dragino rep on how a packet that another wifi32 v2 can recieve and read, but doesn’t show up on the Dragino lora log. All settings seem to be the same for radio parameters but they don’t communicate.

Dear Ikidd, I managed to link a V2 node with this library, just change the license and field values ​​given by TTN in OTAA.
Little by little I am managing to connect these teams with the little information that there is about them.

Did you modify the channel mask of LoRaWAN source code? You need modify this part to match your gateway’s listening frequency:

This document will make sense to you:


And how would that arrangement be for the channels corresponding to the 433MHz band?