Config via Serial

The system I am putting together is kind of simple and uses an AB01 to transmit a beacon to quit a number of AB01’s whos job is to mostly sleep unless it receives a beacon then change the colour of the LED. For this project I have had to move away form using a gateway as the response time via a gateway was too slow, the system will not have network connectivity and everyting needs to be run from batteries.

So i have a system where there is 1 to 4 master AB01’s that transmit a synch beacon and if the button on any of them is pushed the broadcast will be received by the 200 or so Slave AB01’s and they will change their LED to the required colour and/or go back to sleep.

Now I need to configfure all these devices,give them a name,m set the channel etc…

So my thoughts were to use the serial interface and pass a config strig to each unit however the handler for the incomming information is being ignored mainly because the system is mostly in sleep mode.

I would rather not have a config button on the units so was wondering if there is a way to use the incomming serial line to generate an interupt and wake the system up?

It can be set in the code to wake up through the serial port.

Any idea where I would find the details on how to do this?

I tried to use an interupt routine tied to pin 14 but that did not seem to work.