Compatibility Lora Node 151 to other single channel gateway

Hello everyone, sorry for asking stupid question maybe, I’m really new to this thing.
Before this I already managed to do my single channel DIY Gateway from this tutorial ( and its really working and connected to the TTN. So I decided to create some LoRa node using lora node 151 (heltec) to connect with my Single Channel Gateway. But the thing is, when i try to follow all the steps provided by the Heltec it is said that in the document, all operations and tests must be performed with a standard and at least have 8 channels!. Does that means my lora node setup will not working with my single channel gateway? or maybe there is some alternative way or method that i need to follow. Please help, this is actually for my final year project, and i hope someone can help me with this. Thank you

I think you just need to change here to 0x0001:

This document describes why:

BTW. We will have a cheap gateway solution release soon.

We had finished the hardware and software design, now waiting the shell producing.:grinning:

Thanks for the help. I will modify it and let you know if it works. Thank you so much!!

How to modify LoRaWAN library to support AS923 for Lora Node 151 ?

The code for Node 151 still don’t have AS923 support now… We will add full region support later.