Codeing Service

Does anyone provide a service that will write code for the Cubecell ?
I can’t get any of the examples to do what I need and need more documentation than I can find.
I do not care to post code to have my ignorance of coding ridiculed.

We can help.
Please tell me what you would like archive with your cubecell

I have the HTCC-AB01 connected to an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04.
I have code that will read the distance and send it to Heltec WiFi Kit 32 OLED. I then up load data by WiFi to Adafruit IO.
I. Would like the AB01 to transmit distance to the ESP32 then sleep for as long as possible like 2 hours. It will be on battery and solar panel, I would also like it to transmit battery voltage.
I can not get the low power code to work with the AB01 in this case.
I can get data and upload to Adafruit, but not at low power or sleeping.


Would you consider using LoRaWAN for this application - if so I have working code I can send to you?