CapSule Sensor v3 NOT WORKING

I just received my CapSule Sensor v3 and I’m already running into issues, it isn’t able to detect or use the internal gps, and after changing settings through the Meshtastic app, it’s boot looping.

1: I’ve set it up the device in the Meshtastic app. When I attemped to change the position settings, no matter what I did the gps mode defaults to disabled. I’ve changed it multiple times to ENABLED and after it reboots it’s always DISABLED.

2: After changing the device settings to rebroadcast KNOWN_ONLY, it boot loops when attempting to change any settings at all. Nothing I’ve done fixes this issue. I’ve used Wireless Boot to erase and reinstall the firmware multiple times. It still boot loops when attempting to interact with it through the Meshtastic app, and I can’t enable Wi-Fi through the settings to change it back through the web client. Unfortunately It’s stuck.

Lucky I’ve purchased 2 (one for myself and my wife) and for now the second works, but I’m not going to change any settings on it until I know what causes boot looping, and why the gps isn’t functioning.

Hopefully and update to Meshtastic or the CapSule firmware will fix the broken one.
I hope it will be helpful to you