Capsule Sensor v3 GNSS not working

Hi all! I bought the Heltec capsule sensor V3 with EU868 band and GNSS sensor option. I could not enter the LoRaWAN configuration mode (three clicks on the button did not work) so I flashed the “LoRaWAN firmware” from the online manual. After this I could use the triple click and access the configuration options via WiFi.

I set up an account on the community Chirpstack LoRaWAN Network Server, created a device profile (EU868, LoRaWAN ver 1.0.2, regional params rev A, OTAA capable, no codec, autodetect measurement keys), created an application, and added a device using the capsule sensor’s device EUI and application key from the configuration options page.

I can see the device updating in the Chirpstack dashboard – link metrics are all there – but there are no device metrics, and I can’t see it ever reporting a location anywhere in the events or LoRaWAN frames. The different sensor options (GNSS etc) don’t appear anywhere in the online manual or in the configuration page on the device itself. There seems to be no way of confirming in software whether there is a GNSS sensor (or any other sensor) present, or whether it’s reporting.

Please help!

Does anyone know how to get hold of Heltec directly? They aren’t responding to the web form or to emails :frowning:

Short answer: you can’t unless you’re buying their products by the 100s.

Ah crap. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

In that case, does anyone have any pointers for someone who’s not familiar with LoRa and is trying to get a capsule sensor v3 reporting its location over Chirpstack? I bought three of these with the GNSS option, but I can’t find a way of confirming they even have GNSS sensors besides cracking the waterproof housing open and looking. I’ve got all the link metrics appearing so the sensor is reporting back OK, and I’m trying to use the data_decode_chirstack.js in Chirpstack’s device profile codec section, but so far no luck

Don’t have one so can’t really help. Can squint at whatever documents Heltec did provide in their infinite wisdom later, but not today. If you’re happy to ship one to NL it would be easier, but of course definitely alright if you’d rather not :slight_smile:

That’s kind of you! Currently I have 3 useless sensors, so I’m more than happy to send you one for the chance of having two that work :smiley: Let me know what you make of their documentation when you get the chance, and DM me an address