Capsule Sensor: Switch Power / Battery

I don’t see any way to switch the power between the Capsule Sensor and the battery. As soon as the sensor is supplied with power, it starts to work. It only stops when the battery is empty.
Is there a way to charge the battery and store the full battery, if possible without a soldering iron, with the sensor inactive, and then switch it on when the sensor is to be used?

According to the pinout, official sensor are powered by Vext .You can switch it on/off in the program.

When Power on

  1. Turn on Vext
  2. init the sensor
  3. get the reading

When power off
4) de-attach/.end the se ensor, release the data bus
5) Turn off Vext

Thank you very much, this is a very useful information. But you only switch the sensor this way, not the MCU board itself. That’s what I wanted, sorry for my imprecise description.


Please use VEXT:

OK, this is the way to turn off Vext. Vext switching on works with the reset button?