Capsule HTCC-AC01 ADC connection


Sorry if this has been answered before…

I am trying to use the Cubecell Capsule ADC. Using the example code provided I can access the battery voltage.

I have seen other posts where it indicates that I need to remove 0R resistor BR1 to be able to use the ADC separately to the Battery monitor.

How do I then access the ADC - which pin is it? GPIO?

Thanks in advance


please refer the picture. you can use this function to read battery voltage


Thanks for the quick reply.

I can access the battery voltage. What I am trying to do is access the ADC externally (with the BR1 Resistor removed). To read the value from an attached circuit.

Is this possible?

If so which GPIO pin can I use to access the ADC? To which pin do I attach my circuit?


The ADC pins are not reflected on the PCB pins.

So not possible to access as one of the pinouts?

Could I solder direct to the side of BR1?

Thanks again

yes, the anwer is yes.

Perfect, hope my eyesight is good and my solder hand steady


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