Capsule Debugger issues

Anyone else having issues with the debugger boards? I seem to go through them pretty quickly…the computer stops recognizing them. Luckily I ordered several but now have 4 that are no longer working, I know its not the cable as the cable will work with the new board. Have tried rebooting the computer but it doesn’t fix the issue.


Could you check this location?

might be missing something…jus looked and all the ones that are not working are missing that part.


Is your development board unable to download programs normally?

If this is the case, I think it is a problem with the components in the blue box. Due to the difference in individual performance, some of the components cannot download the program normally. A capacitor (040 2footprint, 100nF) needs to be added. We now all leave the factory This capacitor is added to the development board by default.


It doesn’t register with the computer as connected

Now have a pile of 6 debugger boards that do absolutely nothing. It is very disappointing and very concerning that the only way to program the capsule is it weakest link.