Capsule / Debug board: Timeout uploading sketch

I’ve been trying to upload a sketch to a cubecell capsule sensor and I cant figure it out.

If I plug the capsule into the debug board and connect via USB I see the device in the serial monitor but don’t get any output in the arduino IDE serial monitor.

If I attach a buspirate to the TX on the debug board I can see the output. From here I pressed the buttons to put it into bootloader mode.

Now if I go to the arduino IDE and upload a sample sketch, the device appears to reset and the sketch upload fails:

I’ve seen instructions on the forum to join GPIO0 to GND but im unclear where this comes in, and with them joined it seems to make the board reset rapidly.

I’ve tried with and without a battery and it dosen’t seem to make a difference.

I understand some versions of cubecell arent compatible with the arduino IDE but I got this from the heltech site and it appeared to be the arduino-compatible version.

Not sure what to try next, any help would be appreciated.

Try don’t connect the RST and GPIO0 on the debug board to capsule,and manual entry bootloader mode , then upload again.

I’m not sure of a good way to try this. To avoid connecting the RST and GPIO0 pins ill need to manually jump the other 18 pins, or alternatively cut off the header pins for RST and GPIO0. I dont really like the idea of having to do either just to upload firmware. Is there a simpler way to do this?

Is it normal for the arduino IDE to not display anything when plugged into the capsule and debug board? I can read the serial output through the WASN Cubecell configurator or a bus pirate on the UART pins but the arduino IDE serial monitor shows up blank.

Another thing I forgot to mention is when I first got the debug board the USER button fell off. I was using the buttons on the capsule itself to enter bootloader mode. I thought maybe the missing button was causing problems so I soldered it back on, but without any noticeable effect.

Entered bootloader mode, before you upload, did you close the other console tools?

I tried today by:

Connecting the debug board (with capsule attached) to computer with USB
Opened a serial connection with WASN Cubecell configuration
Put the device in bootloader mode
Closed WASN configurator
Hit upload in arduino IDE (on CCS811 example sketch)

I got the same problem,
“Initialising bootloader.
Unhandled error: Timed out waiting for Bootloader response.”

I finally got around to trying it by plugging in all the pins except rst and gpio0, and it works! Im so glad to have it working.

What does it mean if it works when 0 and RST arent connected? As I said earlier my USR button came off, and since the problem seems to be related to the buttons im thinking I must have put it back on wrong.

I might have a close look at it and see if I can spot any problem. Otherwise I might just get a new debug board next time I put in an order.

I also want to say apart from the problems im having with the capsule, im pretty thrilled with all the other heltec stuff i’ve tried. Love your work!