Can't Join TTN with Lora

I’m trying to join my WiFi LoRa ESP32 v2 to The Things Network but it just continually says “join failed” in the serial monitor when I run the Heltec_OTAA_Join script. The documentation is unclear about what format all three of the TTN variables (Device EUI, Application EUI and APP Key) should be so I chose msb based on some samples that I saw.

What’s interesting is that on the Gateway it SEES the traffic from the Lora device but it won’t join the network. Here’s a screenshot of the Gateway side:

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this issue?

Add the program in the corresponding position,increase (or decrease) in units of 5000 on the basis of the default value.

Hi sir, can i get the Heltec_OTAA_Join script? I cant find it anywhere.


for ESP32:

for CubeCell:

Hi, could you solve this issue? I’m facing a similar one now.