Cannot see other devices when capsule sensor is connected through Meshtastic

I have bought 2 capsule sensors (Heltec Capsule Sensor V3). I am able to connect it to meshtastic. However, when I connect them the other devices that are also in the mesh such as the T-Beams are not visible anymore. I am using the 902-928 version (with Lora Region SG 923).

Does anyone know the specific reason for this matter?

I have this same problem, and also bought two of these. I was able to upload meshtastic, but the device can only see itself, and other devices can’t see it. I sent a message to longfast and it went through, but nobody answered this question so I am dead in the water. Also on the 915mhz band.

Hello mate! I was able to fix this problem by adjusting the override frequency. Although we set the frequency band to a specific range, meshtastic has an override frequency option where they change it to a specific frequency. Make sure to change the override frequency to the same value in all your devices and your problem should be fixed.