Cannot connect to my gateway (Multitech Gateway MTCDT-LAT1-247A) via OTAA (WiFi Lora 32 V3)

I have other devices based on working on the same network. I was trying to expand it and got WiFi lora boards. But the issue, I am facing that it is not even joining the network. Any help will be a favour. Thanks in advance.

@oozaineee Wow, your post here sparked a distant memory that I purchased a MTCDT about 5 years ago and is gathering dust in my closet. I will dig it out and fire it up. Hopefully we can share notes about how to connect to it.

The information you provide is very minimal, and only through screenshots. It would be much more useful if you provide the full configuration and all keys (except for maybe part of the AppKey), as well as the LoRaWAN version and software you use, all as text. Also the terminal output as text, formatter nicely using the </> tools.

But from what I see, your configuration is off - the DevEUI from your first screenshot does not match the DevEUI on your device. Moreover, I doubt the configured channel mask is what is configured on your console, since only the last channels is very unusual. So triple check your complete configuration and if you still don’t succeed, try to post as much information in a good readable format please.