Can connect HT-M00 to TTN

I tried to connect an HT-M00 Dual Channel LoRa Gateway to the TTN web. I follow the configuration guide for HT-M00 configuration and the guide for connect it to the TTN. All the time indicated a disconnect Gateway.
GateWay%20Configuration%20OK GateWay%20Configuration%20OK

I add the screen capture of the configurations (for the HT-M00 and the TTN).
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

The server address should be changed to the address of the TTN server.

Hi Xiao

I change the server address to the TTN server and same result.
Check the images with the capture of the Gateway configuration and the TTN overview screen

Wait for your advice
F Medina

Hi, I tried many times and finally connected. But I tried the same configuration many times, and it seems that it’s not always successful. I don’t know what the problem is. Here is my configuration:

You can try to use Legacy V2 Console, that is easy to connect

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Xiao
Everything work fine with your help. Thanks