Can connect HT-M00 to TTN

I tried to connect an HT-M00 Dual Channel LoRa Gateway to the TTN web. I follow the configuration guide for HT-M00 configuration and the guide for connect it to the TTN. All the time indicated a disconnect Gateway.
GateWay%20Configuration%20OK GateWay%20Configuration%20OK

I add the screen capture of the configurations (for the HT-M00 and the TTN).
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

The server address should be changed to the address of the TTN server.

Hi Xiao

I change the server address to the TTN server and same result.
Check the images with the capture of the Gateway configuration and the TTN overview screen

Wait for your advice
F Medina

Hi, I tried many times and finally connected. But I tried the same configuration many times, and it seems that it’s not always successful. I don’t know what the problem is. Here is my configuration:

You can try to use Legacy V2 Console, that is easy to connect

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Xiao
Everything work fine with your help. Thanks

En Wifi SSID y Wifi PASS se ubican los datos de la red WIFI a la que se va a conectar el gateway ?
In Wifi SSID and Wifi PASS are the data of the WIFI network to which the gateway is going to connect?

where to enter your wifi name and password.

Brother maybe you managed to connect nodes to the gateway