Broken Link to the CubeCell Dev-board example code

I have an arduino enabled HTCC-AB01 but want to use it in AT-mode. Where do I find the CubeCell Dev-Board factory test program for the HTCC-AB01?

The CubeCell_Series_AT_Command_User_Manual_V0.2 link is broken (404 page not found error) to the file

BWT. Document page moved to here:

Hi Supporter,

That link doesn’t work anymore. Can you share an up to date link? I’m trying to program my CubeCell -GPS board.

the link is completely broken right now, no docs inside

Ohh, sorry about that.

We are updating the document architecture and details, now the new document page URL is:

Regarding the document URL on other pages or documents, we will update the new URL asap.

The new document page allows users to select products via category and type, which will help find suitable documentation accurately and fastly.