Does anybody know if this device is capable of receiving Eddystone -URL frames TLM Frames (generated on a BLE ver 5 device)

I want the Frames forwarded to LoRa Wan Gateway.

Apart from initial version 1 GIT Hub…there are zero practical examples of the Wireless Bridge real capabilities - anyone tried this yet?

Heltec’s existing equipment only supports BLE V4.2.

Hello Xiao-H
I have not made any progress with Wireless Bridge
I require some documentation on correct setup procedure and possibly any script examples (Arduino style) Can you help me please?

Hi, you can refer to this page:


I have 3 of the wireless bridges.
1 is working
the other two appear to be defective.
Plugging in my Rasp Pi computer USB they do not appear on USB0 like the 1st wireless bridge

How can I confirm that these are defective please?
Power into them does not light up the leds.