Big I2C Oled Display for ESP32 WiFi kit

Hey guys,

can someone recommend a large I2C OLED display for the ESP32 WiFi Kit, which works well?

Unfortunately I stupidly missed to connect the Step-down regulator and supplied the board with a 9V block battery. The ESP32 has taken this, but the integrated display no longer works …

If you use a 9V battery for power supply, some elements of the development board may be damaged due to the high voltage. You need to confirm whether the development board can work normally. If only the OLED display is damaged, you can buy it from HelTec

In one project, we used UG-2864ASWDT01. But they are power hungry, IIRC they want something like 40mA. On the other side, they are really large, something over 70mm wide by over 35mm high active area.