Best Firmware for Heltec W8266

Witch Firmware are the best for the Heltec W8266?
Thanks in advance for any help

Hi @ohaldi, sorry for my poor English, I’m not very clear what your mean of best. As far as I know, code need written by yourself to fit your need, we just can provide some examples, you can refer to the examples and based on that to do some application you need.

Here is the install maunal development framework:

Here is the source code of ESP8266 examples:

Also, documents in this page may help you:

Many thanks for your help. With Arduino and you Library I don’t have any problem.
My question was about Firmware. Today you have to possibility to upload Firmware to the ESP8266 like Tasmota or ESPEasy. I just wanted to know, if anyone had a good experience with any of them.

Here is the most convenience way I think:

  1. Make sure your development framework had been well installed, and able to download firmware into your boards.

  2. The first time, regular downloading program through Arduino IDE.

  3. Copy this line to you CMD or Console and press Enter:

it will begin download.

Thanks for your Help.
But I don’t use Arduino. I just download the firmware from Make the installation with the help fo ESP8266Flasher.exe
Work very well with a lot of ESP8266, but not with the W8266!