Battery voltage measurement accuracy


I’m wondering what the accuracy is of the voltage measurements for the battery. I have a custom board with two lipos on it along with my sensors etc - it is charged with a small solar panel and I am logging the battery voltage of the devices over time.

I have a device that is reporting the battery voltage as 4.24V which is a bit high for my liking. The software allows me to change the cycle time remotely, so for the moment I have told it to transmit very frequently, trying to get the voltage under 4.2v

I don’t want to damage the batteries - is this likely to be a charging problem or a measurement problem? I’m remote from the sensors so can’t actually measure the voltage in the next few weeks.



Since the value of the voltage divider resistor has a certain error, the accuracy of each development board will be different, and the error should be around 50mV.