Battery and usb connected at the same time?

Hi there,

I programmed my heltec v2 board to read UV from an IC2 UV sensor.
After that I soldered a lipo battery to it.

Now after some time I want to update the scripts ive written and I was wondering if the Heltec v2 board allows the battery to be connected during programming (meaning that lipo and usb will be connected at the same time). Is this possible or will it break the board?


Don’t worry. The hardware circuit has such a function: When the USB and battery are inserted at the same time, The battery will be automatically disconnected from the power supply(The battery starts charging).

Hi Jason, I expected this smartness from the Heltec boards, thanks for the clear explanation. Mostly with electronics it’s better to be safe than sorry ;)! Its for a for uv sensor btw. Pretty amazing to see how long the boards hold in the sleep modus.