Barely any uplinks reaching the Gateway (HTCC-AB01)

Hello, I have a HTCC-AB01 registered in TTN. For simplicity I am using the unmodified LoRaWAN_downlinkdatahandle-Example. It’s able to join but barely any Uplinks actually show up on the TTN-console. It usually takes around half an hour after the join to see the first uplink coming through. (Not the actual first, so not FCount 1). And then it’s often two or three coming in at the same time. Manually sent Downlinks work normally.

I have a Dragino Lig-16 Gateway and I’ve been checking the Gatewaylog. All the uplinks that do not end up in TTN, also don’t show up in the Gateway, so I judge it’s an issue between DevBoard and the Gateway.

It’s not a physical connection issue. I have two DevBoards and the pingpong example works normally. I’ve even placed the Board right next to the Gateway. My other LoRaWAN devices do not have any issues. They all show up in the Gatewaylog with SF7/125kHz just like the DevBoard uses by default.

This issue persisted since I had the boards, both on TTN V2 and V3.
I can’t find a solution. It all seems right to me.

The example :

My Gateway log:

Both the opened messages are from the DevBoard. Nothing special, similar to the other ones aswell.

In my Gatewaysettings there are no filters of any kind. I’m pretty clueless, but maybe someone else knows anything before I rule this as a weird defect.

Edit: I just want to reiterate: The join is fast without much delay and seems perfectly normal.

Can you list all the frequency points monitored by the gateway? Let me check if the frequency point is on.

Here are the Channel Frequencies, if that is what you meant.
Seems reasonable that the DevBoard uses more than the Gateway takes, but aren’t these
standardised? This is EU 868 and the board was bought with that in mind.

Well, a small update. The Gateway bricked itself after a firmware update and maybe the problem was just with in it. Once I get a new one I’ll update whether it’s working then or not.

You can confirm whether the frequency points of the node and the gateway correspond to each other.