Analog Read output

Totally weird response from analogRead(13).

On the Wireless Shell I have a voltage divider and monitoting the battery voltage on pin13.
The unit also has a single DS18B20 sensor connected to pin4 and a webserver/WiFi running.

The test code works pervecty, using the example code Battery_power i get the voltage I would have expected to get.
RAW: 1864 volts: 4194 percentage: 113 HEX: 748

Taking that working code and setting it up on the unit that is has the DS18B20 and web/wifi the readings change and instead of getting what should be the voltage im getting
RAW: 4095 volts: 9213 percentage: 249 HEX: fff

I have the same settings in both peices of code.
analogSetClockDiv(255); // 1338mS

Found the issue…!
Apparenlty ADC2 cant be used at the same time as you are using WiFi lol.