Analog Read CubeCell

Hello I¡m trying to do an analog read from a temperature sensor TMP36, so in arduino the conversion for the analog read is 5/1024 I have observed that it not the same for the CubeCell Board, how do I have to adjust this value to get the correct conversion for make a right analog read?

Here is my program

int Sensor = ADC;

void setup() {
pinMode(Sensor, INPUT);

void loop() {
int lecture = analogRead(Sensor);
float voltage = 5.0/1024 * lecture;
float temp = voltage * 100 - 50;
Serial.print(“Voltage --> “);
Serial.println(” V”);
Serial.print("Temperature --> ");
Serial.print("Lecture–> ");


And this is what I’m getting:

Voltage --> 11.05 V
Temperature --> 1055.47ºC
Lecture–> 2264

And I should get (Arduino Uno using —> 5/1024):

Voltage --> 0.77 V
Temperature --> 26.66ºC
Lecture–> 157

analogRead() return the value in mV directly. The max input voltage can be read is 2399 mV.

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I believe the Cubecel is a 12 bit chip. The conversion should be 4095 , not 1023. And is the voltage may also change to 3.3 volts. so your divvider would be 3.3/4095 rather than 5/1023.
I havent researched it exactly so am just guessing but follow this path.