AM02 first experience

Hi guys,
I’m really new to Arduino and I just got my new AM02 and I’m trying to implement a new system which will notify me by mail when interrupt occurred.
my main goal is ultra low power system - so I’m willing to use HX711 and MPU6050 along side the AM02 and to use 2 AA batteries.
When the MPU6050 event occured, I want to raise an interrupt to the cubecell, wake it up, in his turn the cubecell will wake the HX711 which will measure the weight and will send by lora if the weight has been changed. (the mail will be send by cloud app)
I have few question and I’ll be glad for your assist:

  1. I saw the example about wake up by GPIO, is it any GPIO pin, or just GPIO7?
  2. the GPIO’s, UART pins and I2C needs pullups resistors?
  3. Does the AM02 has Flash memory to save data (like the last weight) when it’s in deep sleep?
  4. I want to connect the battery to ADC1 to check when I got low power, I read I have to use GPIO7 for ADC control, will it be problematic with the GPIO7 interrupt functionality?
  5. at the same issue, I have to put PU and PD resistors before the ADC1?

my electrical schematic is attached.
Thanks you guys in advance!!!

1.Just GPIO 7.
2.Not needed.
3.Deepsleep can save data.
4.Our development board is controlled by GPIO7, and you can choose the control pin when you use the module.
5.The maximum voltage read by ADC is 2.4V, but the battery voltage is 3.7V, so it must be divided and then input to ADC.