AliExpress Heltec store unable to deliver CubeCell GPS order?

HI As advised I tried to order the new GPS CubeCell GPS module on AliExpress. Placed the order and have now been told that it is not ready and asked me to cancel the order. IS this correct ? as You are excepting orders on the Heltec site. I am confused and Why not send out when ready ??


where have you found the new boards on aliexpress?
i can only find the board plus here:

Hi looks like they have taken down the items. I ordered the gps version of cubecell. But now told they can’t supply for 20 days and told me to cancel the order ? Hence my question. Not sure if issues with GPS board. Simon

Hi Simon

The PCB factory’s lead time is 6 days later than expected. Expected to be shipped next Wednesday, my colleague will put the goods on shelves next Tuesday.

Very sorry about that.:frowning_face: