Adding a Power On/Off Slide Switch

So I am using a Lithium Rechargeable battery with the Heltec WiFi Kit 8, which is all good.

I want to add a manual power on/off slide switch so that the device can be switched on and off manually but so that if it’s plugged into usb it still continues to charge the battery regardless of the switch position.

I thought it might be just as simple as the enable pin to ground, but reading elsewhere I think that just switches off the regulator only does it? Quick test when running on battery shows the screen seems to stay on so I am thinking it just bypasses the regulator?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I have exactly the same question! And I know that En pin tied to Gnd pin doesn’t work! Now I’m just thinking connecting a slide switch to either one of the battery cables to control the supply of battery power. This is quite dumb as you have to turn the switch on to make sure the battery is charged while connecting to a USB charger, but it works, for now.

Anyone has a better idea?

Anyone find a solution to this yet? I want to still be able to charge the device when its ‘off’