ADC voltage limits

Hi there!

Please, would anyone inform Heltec LoRa Wifi (V2) ADC voltage limits?

Also, is there any restrictions to any ADC channels when using LoRa?

Thanks in advance

Please refer to this content:

As the datasheet shown, the maximum input voltage on ADC(GPIO13) is 2.5V, so we can use the formula calculation the maximum VDD is 8V

@hunter8801, considering module schematic, gpio 13 on the module is directly wired to esp32 gpio 13, right?

Also, official esp32 documentation says max voltage can be configured to 3.3V depending on gain condiguration. See:

Therefore, am I right in saying 3.3V can be allowed as max voltage in adc?

Yes, that’s ESP32’s GPIO13

Can you please show me where says max input is 3,3V?

Sure. This refers to ADC2 channels. Please, see picture attached.

Yes, that’s your answer