ADC and ADC_battery doesnt work together

You can read the battery voltage with the function:

uint16_t voltage = getBatteryVoltage();

it worked fine.

You can read the voltage of the ADC-Pin with the function:

sensorValue = analogRead(ADC);

But when there is an analog signal, the battery voltage can no longer be read out, incorrect value is displayed.

When i open the connection to the ADC-Pin, the battery-voltage is shown right.

Here my test-Code:

void loop() {
// read the value from the sensor:
sensorValue = analogRead(ADC);

Serial.println (sensorValue);

batteryVoltage = getBatteryVoltage();

Serial.println (batteryVoltage);



Hope this document make sense to you:

In the new 6502 series, there have three ADC input channels.

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Thank you!

I will look for this device!


Is it possible to read an external analog signal on the CubeCell Capsule (HTCC-AC01), I don’t see an ADC signal on the pinout:

According to the description of CubeCell Capsule Solar Sensor, this device is also based on the 6502, is there a ADC input available for measurements besides the battery?

I’m also confused regarding the analog inputs. I’m using the plus board with three adc’s. I read that the maximum voltage on the analog inputs is 2.4 volts, so I added a voltage divider connected to the vext port and measured about 2.3 volts. If I now connect that power to e.g. adc2 the values of adc1 and 3 also go up and are almost equal to adc2. What am I doing wrong here?

Good Day - I have been doing some validation testing on the CubeCell AB02S board and see that the ADC2 and ADC3 channels are ‘interacting’. For example having the turned on the VBAT_ADC_CTL (it’s LOW for ‘ON’) and reading the ADC1 I get a sensible number (Yes I know this is halved by the resistor divider). But if I inject a separate voltage into either ADC2 or ADC2 this will then affect the VBAT result.

In fact they all interact with one another, if I inject 1.0V into ADC3 then all of the other ADC results will report around 1000 (mV).

Have a lot of experience with the CY8… family of PSoC Ics, I suspect the internal MUX selection is not programmed properly on the ASR6502 (I have made this error before on those PSoC projects!)

If I am correct with this it would mean we would need a file to flash into the 6502 to correct this error OR (Hopefully) there is another instruction I am missing that needs to be included between the ADC reads?

Here is the code snippet:

digitalWrite(VBAT_ADC_CTL,LOW); // enable battery (1/2) onto ADC1

voltage=analogRead(ADC1);//return the voltage in mV, max value can be read is 2400mV
Serial.print("ADC1 (Batt) = ");
digitalWrite(VBAT_ADC_CTL,HIGH); // disable battery from ADC1

pixels.setPixelColor(0, pixels.Color(0, i, 0)); // Green; // Send the updated pixel colors to the hardware.

voltage=analogRead(ADC2);//return the voltage in mV, max value can be read is 2400mV
Serial.print("ADC2 = ");

pixels.setPixelColor(0, pixels.Color(0, 0, i)); // Blu?; // Send the updated pixel colors to the hardware.

voltage=analogRead(ADC3);//return the voltage in mV, max value can be read is 2400mV
Serial.print(“ADC3 = “);

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@npaterson Thanks for the hint. I just tried flashing the firmware 3.1.1, but the adc’s are still all reacting to each other. If I apply a voltage to adc2 all adc’s go up and if I also attach a ground to adc3 all adc’s go down. Something is wrong here.

@Supporter Could you please take a look at this? Is this an error in the firmware?

This could be only a problem when there is an open connector.

Try to put different Voltage on the two ADC Inputs and then look at the result.

I’ve just tried that. I attached 1 volt to adc3 and 2 volts to acd2 and I get 1 volt on both adc’s. If I also pull adc1 to ground I get only about 500 mv on all pins. Any idea what could cause this problem?

Ok, that’s not good news. I hope then, it is only a bad implementation of arduino-ADC

Hi Ernst - I know exactly where the fault lines (in the PSOC Mux implementation), I was hoping that there might be an ‘Arduino’ level command to actually switch the onboard mux but as I am a very long time ‘c’ guy and only new to C++ I needed to ask.

If I could get my hands on the PSOC source I know I can fix this and as the SWD-Data and SWD-Clk are pinned out to the header we would have a good chance of sorting this out.

I have sent a seperate query to Support in the meantime I’ll avoid using ADC2 or ADC3

I guess the firmware is not open source. At least I didn’t find anything on GitHub. I hope that HellTec will take a look at this.

@npaterson Did you receive an answer from the support in the meantime? Or is there someone else we could ask here in the forum to take a look at this?

There’s a commit on GitHub “fixed an adc bug” in the compiled library from about 6 days ago. It would be worth updating your library (from GitHub) and repeating your tests.

@bwooce Thanks for the hint. I’m using to develop and I guess there the library there was not updated yet. I’ve now replaced the files manually with the one’s from the master repository and now the ADC’s are working. :grinning: Thanks again for the hint!


This seems to be working on the July bug fix CubeCellLib.a , but I checked with the latest commit the problem is still there. Battery reading seems correct 1st but ADC is half, then battery reading drops to 0. Please check. Thank you.


what is your board’s type? could you post your code?