AB02S AIr530Z GPS reception/library

I am testing modules with the Air 530 and 530Z onboard GPS chips and am noticing a big difference between the number of satellites found by each board type.

Using the same active antenna the 530 detects 13 satellites but the 530Z only detects 4. I get the same results with 5 boards of each type.

I am using the example config Arduino file, selecting a different library for each board type.

Any suggestions how to increase the reception performance of the 530Z to the same level of performance as a 530?

Also, the 530Z library on Github only receives signals from GPS. If the same 530Z board is configured using the 530 library instead of the 530Z library it receives other networks ok. Does anyone have an English translation of the AIr530Z user manual or the commands needed to set up networks on a 530Z chip (I have a manual for the previous 530 chip).


Greetings 31Warren, I am also testing with the Cubecell GPS AB02S, with 530Z the example using Arduino, but I only get it to connect once then the board is permanently “JOINNG” I can’t send it to TTN, could you share the Decoder with me of payload formattter you used.,… thank you very much