AB02A_ADC2 and ADC3 Pins OUTPUT to pull relay?

Please can Heltec advise if the ADC2 and ADC3 Pins on the Cube Cell AB02A, can be used as “pinMode (ADC2, OUTPUT);” to then pull high and trigger a 3 Volt relay Module? Is it okay to digitalWrite or equivalent to ADC2 and ADC3 Pins to output enough voltage to trigger 3 Volt relay module , with no damage? THANKS

Not recommended:grinning:

I mean a relay module with a separate 3 Volt positive and negative supply - I am trying to find out if the ADC2 and ADC3 pins could be used as signal line into relay module (not coil power on standard relay)

Why not use a different GPIO, the ADC is generally set to input mode. Of course, the use above is fine

Using all GPIO pins, lots of switches, so as i understand from HelTec Website, can only output maximum of 2.4V through ADC2 & ADC3, put can I input 3.3V through pulldown resistor for switch INPUT?

Im sorry that was wrong - can I OUTPUT 3.3V for pull-down resistor on ADC2 & ADC3? - In coding would i analogueWrite = HIGH, or digitalWrite = HIGH?