AB02 interupt Pins

Anyone know what pins on the AB02 are able to wake the unit up from sleep?


you can refer this code:

Thanks @jasonXu
I have the wake routine working fine using the USER_KEY but was wondering what other pins can be used. Can attachInterrupt(INT_PIN, accelWakeup, RISING) be used on any other pins? or is the USER_KEY the only pin that will work?

sure, You can change to other GPIOs

I try other pins for example 5 or 6 with pullup resistor 4.7K but it does not work. only USER_KEY works !

You can try this example, https://github.com/HelTecAutomation/CubeCell-Arduino/blob/master/libraries/Basics/examples/gpioInterrupt/cntIncrease/cntIncrease.ino

I defined INT PIN just using a pin number for 5 or 6 and it doesn’t work, to make it works it must be GPIO5 or GPIO6.


yes you must use as for example pin5:

#define MY_PIN GPIO5