AB01 V1 Module - Sleep Related Questions

Hi All,

New to the this forum and Heltec products as well. Just wanted to clarify few things before actually going ahead and selecting AB01 V1/V2 as a product for my project.

1 - 3.5uA of sleep current is possible while putting AB01 V1 or V2 is “pinwake” sleep ?

2 - Is it possible to pin wake the module by using “Rising Edge” ?

3 - I used the Low Power Pinwake example provided in Arduino IDE, as the module wakes up from sleep, it triggers the wake code twice or some times three times. Do I need a debounce circuit externally (with the switch input) to prevent this happening ?

4- Seems like Vext is used to switch power to external circuitry. While in sleep mode, the Vext outputs 0 VDC ? What is max current value it can allow to switch ?

5- I wasn’t able to locate Arduino API help for this module. Anywhere I can find this ?

can also be used here:


the same: