7.5 inch Eink Display handle using SD card SPI interface and STM32 Microcontroller

Can you help me how can i print the image in display using sd card interface with STM32 Microcontroller, Because of when 5-6 image need to print then flash size issue in Microcontroller

Are you asking how stm32 communicates with SD card? I think it is best to use SPI.

I mean that the SD card just save the data and stm32 MCU control the E-INK to display the picture.

Can you send me the code sd card and Eink driver board?


i have no code for SD card.

I have the E-ink code for STM32.


I interfaced SD card with STM32 but i have no idea how can i get the C Array from SD card and load to print it on display so can you guide me please