1/2aa node mpu9250 interrupt

Hello, i use mpu9250 as a wakeup interupt with 1/2aa LoRa node, and the thing is that first 3-5 transmitions works normaly, and then until sending and recieving aa lot of time from 15 sec, and max what i get 10 mins, how can it be fixed

Generally, RTC is used to wake up nodes. Can provide more details about you using MPU9250 to wake up, so that we can help you solve the problem.

it wokes, and works correct few times, but then,

13:11:52.922 -> confirmed uplink sending ... 13:11:52.968 -> 23709accel woke 13:12:37.696 -> received unconfirmed downlink: rssi = -27, snr = 5, datarate = 0
time from confirmed uplink sending and recieving increases, like that, it can be more than 5 mins
on our lora server no any sending massage untill the device recieves downlink, so it can be only the gateway issues or the cube cell 1/2 aa node

If you cann send more details, it would be great

i reinstall cube cell boards in arduino ide, and disable LORAWAN_ADR, and now it works fine, i will continue testing, and give you feedback