WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) - Full Duplex

Hello Folks,

what is the best way to implement LoRa full duplex communication in start topology with WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) - 868MHz (868E6) total 50 nodes.

Every node needs to send 36 bytes on every < 2sec to the gateway (i’m using the same device model for that purpose) which must ACKed those bytes.

a) Just put another Lora SX127x SPI module (separating modules per direction).
b) Is there any software workaround to do that currently i’m Inverting IQ signals but with many nodes this is not an option.
c) What else ? I’m expecting your proposals.


Few points from me (I’m still a beginner in LoRa):

  1. make sure you follow RF 868MHz regulations of power and duty cycle. It is mostly 1% of air time per sender, so if you send every 1 second, then each transmission should be less than 10ms
  2. having 50 devices, each taking 1% of air time, I think most transmissions will end up in unrecoverable collisions.
  3. having the second device for downlink on different channel sounds a good idea.
  4. if you would go for LoRaWan, that would take care of collisions, automatic SF, etc, but it is more complex and expensive to have proper multichannel GW.

My star setup:
10+ different devices, each sending once every 5 min. (+ X sec. to avoid permanent collisions), 32 bytes (encrypted and with checksum) to host (WiFi LoRa 32 v2) on single-channel, single SF. No confirmation or downlink for now. I still sometimes get random messages (collisions/noise?) I identify them by failed checksum / unable to decrypt or wrong message length.

Quick question, what are you using for encryption of LoRa Payload?

Is It some specific library ?