Unable to login with cloud server

I have created an account and wanted to try the single channel gateway system until i get the dual gateway in the mail, however seems It is not working for me.

I created my account using a capital letter, changed my password as the instructions have said, but the cloud server is telling me that I cannot login.

Please assist, i really want to start working with Lorawan technology using the cloud server.

You need to provide more details so that we can help you analyze the problem.

I created a heltec account. My account username I made with Wiseon321 using my email and typical password.

When I went from the heltec site to the heltec cloud on TTN i went to enter my username of Wiseon321 and enter my password to login. It gave me text of “User names can only be lower case letters,numbers” so I changed it to “wiseon321” to login. This did not work since it gave me an errror of “invalid username and password”.

I clicked the link of “unable to login? Solution below” and followed those steps to change my password. I even went so far as to logout of the heltec portal and. Tried to login with just the cloud website and it still won’t let me login.

I even made another account that met those conditions of lower case letters and numbers and I stilll could not login.

I don’t know how much more information I can provide, that is really all the information I can share since I’m not sharing my password or email.

To add, it only sent me a validation email when I logged in for the second time on my original account. I did validate this account with that link. Still won’t work.