SPI and CubeCell Board

I’m not that experienced but wanted to migrate a node farm with 32 ESP Heltec sensor nodes to the new CubeCell board. However I didn’t find any examples / sketches on how to use SPI together with this boards . Did I understand correctly that the SPI is used by the Lora chip and therefore there is no SPI available on these boards? what be a petty!

Or is there any body that could share a piece of code with me to make it work , SPI on CubeCell boards?

Merry Christmas and many thanks!

Because the ASR6501 only provide 1 SPI bus, and it’s had used for the internal SX1262 (I think this design is terrible, but we can do nothing for the chip design)…so the LoRa chip can’t working during your sensor working time. But if you deal the time line reasonable, it’s will not have any problem.

Here are some of my suggestion:

  1. Release the SPI bus when the relevant device not working… it means don’t set the CS always low, when SPI transfer finished, set the CS HIGH;
  2. Read your sensor data before upload, you can refer to this example: https://github.com/HelTecAutomation/ASR650x-Arduino/blob/master/libraries/LoRa/examples/LoRaWAN_Sensors/LoRaWan_BH1750/LoRaWan_BH1750.ino

What you could do is use an i2c to SPI bridge, not sure if the cubecell’s i2c will handle it at the moment due to the clock speed but something like the SC18IS602 could work quite well.