MAX 31865 y CubeCell

Is it possible to connect the Adafruit MAX31865 SPI board ( ) to CubeCell ?.
Some example?.
Thank you

I haven’t found any routines about this kind of sensor, but I have used the ordinary pt100 sensor, through the Wheatstone bridge and then through the operational amplifier to enter the ADC kind.

You can think of MAX31865 as an ADC that converts tiny analog signals into SPI digital signal outputs. So you just need to read the SPI bus.

Right. But is the Cube Cell SPI bus not occupied by the LoRa radio chip?.
Know an example that illustrates how to use the SPI bus in CubeCell?.
Thank you

You can choose a GPIOx as the sensor NSS, SPI drives LoRa and the sensor at the same time.

We will provide a reference procedure for SPI later